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Getting Started with Coupons + Springfield, IL

I was only introduced to the world of coupons last week when I learned that sites like and offer instore savings that can be combined with manufacture’s coupons!  Before, I would always see a coupon, save it in my wallet, totally forget it was there and move on and then clean out my purse 6 months later.  NO MORE. 

It all begins with changing the way you shop.  Forget going to the grocery store every two weeks to simply pick up the items you need.  I am finding that a monthly shopping trip that is larger will bring me more savings, because I can aquire coupons over several weeks and plan exactly what I will be purchasing and match it up with my coupons! 

Please note that I DO NOT plan on becoming an extreme couponer, or even developing a stock pile.  If I get extra products, especially for pennies, I will purchase them and then donate them to charity.

More to come in my next post about Meijer, including MPERKS, their coupon policy and how you can SAVE big.

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  1. Andrea Parker

    Crista: Thanks for your website. I just discovered it and plan to have lots of questions. I’ve looked at lots of sites, but they seem so complicated. I like Coupon Diva for her thoroughness, but I need a local site for reference, since for whatever reason, we have so many fewer cooperating supermarkets here in Springfield. I’ve always used coupons, but not to the extent they are being used now, but now I have the added incentive of having 5 grandchildren who eat a lot, so I help their parents out with savings, etc. I will go through your site carefully and have questions, I’m sure. Thanks again.


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