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Using Coupons at Walgreens + Springfield, IL

Everyone knows Walgreens is so convenient when you simply need to grab a few items.  I used to refuse to buy much there besides snacks because I knew they were so much more expensive than Wal-Mart and the supermarkets.

Although this is still typically true in my experience, they do offer some pretty good deals.  Walgreens has two methods of in-store savings.  First is their “coupon booklet”.  This booklet, which can be found in the store, has coupons in it that are good only at Walgreens.  These coupons are also available online, but you don’t really need to print them out as the cashier can simply scan the book in the store.  Some of them are pretty good ($1 off Puparoni, $2 off Excedrin, etc.) and others are for products I’ve never used or heard of!  The key here is taking these coupons, like the Re-Nu coupon, and stacking it with a manufacture’s coupon.



Normal price: $7.49

Walgreens in-store coupon: $2 off

Combined with a manufacture’s coupon: $2 off

Final price: $3.92

The second type of savings at Walgreens is Register Rewards.  Register Rewards print at checkout and can be used on ANY future purchase at Walgreens.  These do typically expire within a few weeks.  Register Rewards also only work for one item per reward, meaning you can’t buy 25 items and expect $25 in future savings! 


Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics: $2

RR: $2

Final Price: FREE, because you’ll be saving $2 off anything the next time you are in the store!

These deals are the best when you can combine them with manufacture’s coupons, as you might end up with an “overage”.

Happy shopping!!  For more on Walgreens coupon policy, click here.


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