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Shopping at Target

I have been wanting to give more information about shopping at Target, but I didn’t make it over there until today to really do some price checking!  There are a couple of awesome things about Target! 

1. If you can, the Target card saves you 5% on all purchases!  I just learned today that there is also a Target debit card.  Here is what it says on their site,  “A Target Debit Card can only be used at Target stores. It draws right from your existing checking account, just like writing a check. And if you need extra cash – easy. You can use it to request up to $40 cash back at checkout.”  This card also offers 5% off.  I’ll be signing up for one of these!!

2.  Target in-store coupons are very available on their website and only take moments to select and print.  Click here to view.  Some of these are manufactures coupons and others are in-store coupons.  Most are in-store.  This means you can COMBINE them with manufactures coupons!!  Example:  Magnum Ice Cream Bars $3.29 + $1 off in-store coupon + $1 manufactures coupon = $1.29!!  The best thing I have found is to print as many of these coupons as you can and then double them up as often as possible with manufactures coupons.  As I have said before, when clipping from sites or newspapers, clip everything!  You never know when a store coupon might come out (target, meijer, walgreens, cvs, county market) that you can combine with a manufactures coupon and save BIG!!

3.  In-store gift cards with purchases.  I learned about these today.  If you look carefully on some of the sales labels in the isles, it will say, “Buy 2, get an in-store gift card for $5.”  I needed Tide, and although I didn’t have a coupon, I noticed that if I bought Tide (on sale for $10.99) and a matching product of Bounty dryer sheets, I would get a $5 gift card for a future purchase! 

Here is an example of combining two of these scenarios!

Playtex Sport Gentle Glide Tampons: $6.99

Buy 2 and get a $5 gift card

Use this coupon for $1 off 1.  Print 2.

Final price: $11.98 + $5 gift card = $6.98!!

I think Target is generally higher than Wal-Mart, but does seem to have lower prices on everyday items than Meijer (Degree deoderant @ Target: $3.64, @ Meijer: $3.99) but it really depends on which stores have the best in-store savings that can be combined with manufactures deals!

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