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Reminder: Chicago Tribune

Reminder, if you haven’t subscribed to the Trib, DO IT. They have usually TWICE as many coupons as the SJ-R. There are three types of inserts, Redplum, Smartsouce and P&G Saver. The Trib carries all of these, the SJ-R only gets a regional Redplum and the P&G Saver, which runs about once a month. Also, no coupons on holiday weekends!!

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  1. Andrea Parker

    And the SJR coupons are virtually useless. Canning supplies, give me a break. I know the end of the summer veggie gardens are coming soon but most people I know who can have lots of supplies for a long time. I wonder why the SJR bothers. The last two weeks I didn’t cut out one coupon.

  2. How do you subscribe? It would only allow me to get an e-version. Do you get the coupons electronically then?


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