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There are several great new coupons at, including Pillsbury cresent rolls, my favorite!!


Listerine, Reach, Glade and More @

There are some new coupons up at, the Reach Floss one is particularlly good, you can get FREE floss!

Home Solutions News + Hot Coupons

I ran across this site a couple of weeks ago and at first thought it was a scam. I then printed the coupons and sure enough they work just fine! There are 4 catagories, and their site is a little tough to navigate, but there are some great coupons here for Lysol especially!

Finish Detergent Coupons

Want to score some great coupons, check out Finish’s website for some great coupon deals!

Recyclebank + Hot Coupons

Check out Recyclebank, where you can watch videos and earn points to get great deals on coupons. It’s easy and educational!

Prairie Farms Coupons

Looking to score savings on cottage cheese, ice cream, sour cream, popsicles and more? 

Go to Prairie Farms and sign up (use a spam email like I do!) and you’ll see 9 money saving coupons!

Combine the North Star Variety Treat coupon with the County Market $.50 off coupon in the Penny Pincher for even more savings!

Pedigree Online Coupon

Click here for a $3.00 coupon on your next dog food purchase!