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Listerine Cheap at Meijer

If you printed the $1/1 Listerine coupon at, you can now pair it with another $1/1 coupon from mPerks!


Shopping at Kroger

I’ve been wanting to do a shopping trip to Kroger ever since I got signed up with a Plus card and BOY was it a great trip.

There are two Kroger stores nearby, one in Taylorville, which is where I went, and one in Lincoln. Here are some things to know about shopping at Kroger.

Just like at most stores, Kroger offers a Plus Card. Having this card, like a Max Card, saves you extra money on deals in the store and also allows you to earn points towards gas. We’ll start with this first, since it was the best deal I got that day!

I was leaving Kroger and noticed that their gas was $3.49, way cheaper than in Springfield, so I stopped to fill up my tank. The lady asked if I had my Kroger Plus Card and I realized I could swipe it. It then asked me if I wanted to use my $.20/per gallon discount. HECK YEAH! So I got gas for $3.29/gallon yesterday! Basically how this works is that for every dollar you spend, you receive points. For every $100 you spend, you save $.10/gallon and this can add up to multiple discounts. You have until the end of the next month to use the rewards on gas. I also noticed that at least in Chatham at Shell, you can use your Kroger Plus card at the pump too. Pretty cool!

So the Plus Card is pretty cool and I wish that County Market would offer the same deal, but they don’t. Once you have a Plus Card and you register online, you can start adding digital coupons to your card. This means that the savings will automatically be deducted with you scan your card at the register. According to their policy, you’re not supposed to use digital coupons with printed manufacturer coupons, however the system isn’t set up to detect it and it does techincally work. Whether or not you want to commit coupon fraud is up to you! (I did :(……) There are usually close to 200 coupons to clip and they are typically on good, name brand items, and often match up with printed coupons, and personally, I think they make it too tempting to want to use both! These digital coupons have varying expiration dates, some several months away, and some only weeks! I saved $31 just by using my Kroger Plus Card.

Kroger also doubles coupons up to $.50. This is nice because LOTS of coupons are for $.50 off or less. The frustrating thing about Schnuck’s is that their policy states $.40, and most coupons are for $.50! Also, Schnuck’s is so high priced to begin with, the savings rarely helps.

Overall, my experience at the store in Taylorville was very good. I spent $9 out of pocket on over $70 worth of stuff and recevied a Catalina good for $2.00 off my next purchase! If you can wait for a good ad, and a great coupon week, it could be worth it to save up and make the drive for extra savings! It felt really good to use some of my $.25 and $.50 coupons on sale items, knowing I had just saved double on them what I would have in Springfield!

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Listerine, Reach, Glade and More @

There are some new coupons up at, the Reach Floss one is particularlly good, you can get FREE floss!

Cutter Coupon + Facebook

Right now, if you head over to Cutter’s Facebook page, you’ll get a $2/1 coupon! Pretty sweet deal!

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